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Flora Shedden's ARAN Bakery in Dunkeld

The ARAN Bakery is an artisan bakery right in the centre of Dunkeld, run by Flora Shedden. Flora was the youngest semi-finalist on BBC One’s Great British Bake-Off in 2015. It is here that you can pick up some delightful and unusual freshly-baked treats. The name itself pays tribute to its truly Scottish roots, with aran, being the Scottish Gaelic term for bread.

About ARAN Bakery
Opened in the summer of 2017, ARAN Bakery has quickly become a popular destination in Dunkeld. With its connections to local businesses, all the ingredients for the bakery are sourced locally. Such as the flour comes from a local mill, eggs from local farms, and fruits from the Dunkeld Community Orchard.

ARAN Bakery
As well as offering a delicious menu, that changes daily, depending on seasonal produce, ARAN Bakery also has a shop which sells warm bread and yummy cakes such as fig and fennel loaf, an elaborate fougasse and traditional sourdough baguette, to name but a few. The cakes include tonka bean and rhubarb, coffee and cardamom and black sesame and lime and other baked treats, all delicious but the pistachio chocolate brownies cannot be resisted!

There are bakery classes and courses on offer too. Whether you want to eat in with a coffee or tea, or a takeaway to enjoy at your lodge, ARAN Bakery has the option to suit you. With such glowing reviews, positive feedback and exciting ingredient choices, it will be one of the main highlights to your visit to Dunkeld, which is just a short drive from Pitlandie Wood Lodge.