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Dunkeld & Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral

Pitlandie Wood Lodge, with it's stunning views and luxury accommodation, it can be hard to tear yourself away from this luxury retreat. Located in the heart of Perthshire means, that Pitlandie Wood Lodge is just a short drive away from many nearby attractions. Only 10 miles away Dunkeld Cathedral stands prominently on the north bank of the River Tay in Dunkeld.

About Dunkeld
Dunkeld is a small but historic town, with just over 1,000 inhabitants. It is believed Dunkeld was founded in 820 by the King of the Picts, Caustantin, son of Fergus. For many years, Dunkeld was the prime site of religious importance in eastern Scotland. Today, the historic Apostles’ Stone is still preserved in the Cathedral, although its elaborate detail has been badly worn away.

Today, Dunkeld is a busy little town with much of its 18th century architecture still in good condition. In fact, the National Trust for Scotland has restored many of the vernacular buildings, while the cathedral is the dominating building in the town. Visitors love the quirky little houses in Dunkeld too.

Dunkeld Cathedral
The majestic Dunkeld Cathedral is well worth a visit. The cathedral was founded in 1260 and has a long standing history of religious importance, even throughout the Battle of Dunkeld that took place in 1689. The cathedral is now partly in ruin, however it is still used for regular church services and weddings.

One of the most notable burials in Dunkeld cathedral is Alexander Stewart who is known as the ‘Wolf of Badenoch’. His nickname came about due to his notoriety as being incredibly cruel as the Earl of Buchan. Today, you can see his tomb, complete with an armour effigy.

Visiting Dunkeld
There is plenty to do in Dunkeld from visiting the cathedral, admiring the architecture, wandering along the riverside paths, browsing the shops for souvenirs and sampling some delicious food in the award winning café’s. Being just a short drive away from Pitlandie Wood Lodge, it is well worth a stop.