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Etape Caledonia, 16th May 2021

Perthshire will welcome the Etape Caledonia for the thirteenth year in a row this May. This is an event that many hail as the first closed roads sportive in the United Kingdom. It follows an 85-mile route through the beautiful rolling hills and forest roads of Perthshire. Furthermore, it is open to 5,000 participants every year. Etape Caledonia

Cyclists from all across the country head to Scotland for the annual event. As a result, it is a sell out every year and continues to grow from strength to strength.

The Etape Caledonia will take place on 16th May, and Limelight Sports organise it. Limelight Sports have taken over managing the event from IMG, and previously wanted to increase the cycle route to a whopping 100 mile but were faced by local opposition. The basis of the event focuses hugely on raising money for charity, with cyclists being sponsored to complete the cycle. The most widely supported charity by Etape Caledonia participants is Marie Curie.

The Etape Caledonia 2019 Routes

Cyclists will begin and end the route in the beautiful area of Pitlochry and experience some of the most amazing views and attractions during the day. This year, there are two different routes that riders can choose from:

1. The 85 Mile Route: An impressive 85 miles of roads are closed on the day for Etape Caledonia, and the 85-mile route starts and ends in Pitlochry. Cyclists will ride over stunning Scottish rolling hillsides and through enchanting forest roads around Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch. On this route, they will also be faced with the famous and challenging climb of Mt Schiehallion, which is an impressive 1,083-metre climb.

2. The 40 Mile Route: For cyclists who aren’t quite prepared to tackle the full 85-mile closed road cycling route of Etape Caledonia, there is also the choice of a 40-mile route. Also beginning in Pitlochry, this option will follow the 85-mile route up until Loch Tummel, where the route bears left and then south towards Coshieville. From here riders head round to Aberfeldy and then return to Pitlochry to end the route.