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Pitlochry Festival Theatre - Summer Season 2019

Pitlochry Festival Theatre attracts more than 100,00 people every year, with the Summer Season being one of the key highlights of the unique theatrical experience in Perthshire. Throughout Summer 2019, Pitlochry Festival Theatre will see some amazing performances take to the stage, and many of the shows are must-sees if you are in the Perthshire area this summer. Pitlochry Festival Theatre

The Summer Season 2019 at Pitlochry Festival Theatre will see six incredible shows grace the stage on a daily rotation, giving locals and tourists the chance to see a different show every single day. The large-scale productions you can catch during Summer Season 2019 are:

1. Summer Holiday: Opening on 24th May and running until 5th Oct, Summer Holiday the musical follows the journey of Pitlochry bus driver Don. Don and his mates head off on a summer adventure to Athens and get into various mischief on their way.

2. Blithe Spirit: This highly-spirited comedy will take to the stage on 6th June and can be attended every week up to 28th September. Discover the story of a charming novelist who invites a local, eccentric medium to perform a séance in his home, all in the name of research for his next book.

3. The Crucible: A recreation of Arthur Miller’s 1953 play, which is hailed as one of the most powerful pieces of theatre from the 20th century. This much-anticipated show tells the story of the puritanical people of Salem as they discover young women have been conjuring spirits in the forest. The Crucible opens on 20th June and runs to 27th September.

4. Blonde Bombshell: Between 13th June and 27th September, Blonde Bombshell of 1943 will take to the stage at Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Based on the BAFTA-winning TV film, this story of Betty, the band leader, trying to make the big-time BBC performance is sure to raise your spirits.

5. Heritage: Set in Canada in 1914; Heritage follows the story of Sarah McCrea and her family as they carve out an existence in the emerging community. This poetic exploration of love and identity will run from 25th July to 26th September.

6. North and South: The final show for Summer Season 2019 is the story of a strong-willed Vicar’s daughter relocating to a Northern factory town. North and South opens on 29th August until 25th September.