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The Hermitage at Dunkeld

The Hermitage Woodland Walk and Ossian’s Hall

For an invigorating and breathtakingly beautiful walk, the Hermitage is an idyllic and only a few miles from Pitlandie Wood Lodge. Nestled in the beautiful woodlands near Dunkeld, visitors can enjoy a walk complete with the fragrant scent of pine needles. Along the trail, keep an eye out for red squirrels in the tall trees above, the salmon leaping in the river and viewing an impressive waterfall that roars with energy.

Hermitage at Dunkeld

About the walk
There are a few different trails, all varying in length and elevation, but the main riverside walk is a beautiful trail that is around 1.5 miles long. By taking this walk, you will be following in the footsteps of royalty. Queen Victoria was known to love this area as did other famous faces including Wordsworth, Mendelssohn and Turner.

With marked trails and lots of car parking, there are many easy walks to follow.

Things to see
Whatever your interest, there is plenty to see at the Hermitage, it is full of interesting wildlife including red squirrels, osprey and deer. At the right time of year, salmon can be seen leaping up the River Braan.

The forest is well known for it’s incredibly tall Douglas fir trees, which are some of the tallest trees in Britain, hence the area being known as Big Tree Country. Along the walk, visitors can spot a totem pole carved out from one of these impressive trees.

The Black Linn Falls – are an incredible waterfall that truly takes your breath away. The best viewing point, from which to watch the waterfall in action, is from Ossian’s Hall - also known as the Hall of Mirrors. Built in 1757, the Georgian building is a shrine to Ossian, a blind bard. The building is lined with mirrors which helps to create a spectacular image of the water from Black Linn Falls. In fact, William Wordsworth described it as a ‘world of wonder’. A definite must-see!