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Pitlandie's Woodland Walks

“If they don’t revive your faith in Mother Nature, nothing will!”

So what’s unique about Pitlandie Wood Lodge?

It’s sits in a one hundred acre wood with over a mile of meandering woodland walks!

Pitlandie’s stunning woodland includes numerous species of trees, ranging from Scots pine, larch, oak, silver birch, beech, to Sitka and Norway spruce adding colour, beauty and character to the woodland landscape. These charming walks are well maintained, wind through the woodland and range from easy access to cross country standards.

Beyond the lodge garden and over a wee bridge, our guests have the freedom to wander through a majestic Scots pine wood. This bright, fairy tale woodland is abundant with wildlife ranging from red squirrels, brown hares, roe deer and pine marten (at dawn and dusk) through to buzzards, woodpeckers and numerous species of finch and tits!

Through wooden gates the paths extend into a conifer wood where the trees provide shelter from the wind and suntrap glades that are favoured by roe deer for grazing due to the tranquillity and security they provide.

The adventurous amongst you may choose to depart from the path and go cross country into the larch trees where shafts of sunlight descend from a lime green canopy to the forest floor. Alternatively the mixed broadleaf woodland may be more appealing depending on the time of the year, snowdrops, primroses, bluebells and ferns carpet the floor.

Enjoy your walks!!

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